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Practicing Immigration Law for more than 25 years

Elizabeth C. Pines is the founding partner of the law firm Pines Law Group. She has been practicing immigration law for more than 25 years. Ms. Pines established the firm to help foreign nationals navigate the often complicated and confusing process of dealing with immigration issues in the United States.

After receiving her Bachelor of Business Administration Degree from the University of Miami in 1985, she received her Master of Business Administration Degree there in 1988, and then continued on to St. Thomas University School of Law, receiving her Juris Doctor Degree in August of 1994.

Ms. Pines is a well-respected member

Ms. Pines is a well-respected member of the South Florida legal community and has offered her knowledge of immigration law and immigration issues, appearing on a number of television talk shows, including NTN24 and Univision. She has also been interviewed on various radio programs, including guest appearances on Union Radio and Cayman Islands Radio. She has authored immigration articles and her Letters to the Editor on immigration have been printed in the Miami Herald and Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel.

In addition, Ms. Pines regularly shares her knowledge of immigration matters for various educational and non-profit institutions. Ms. Pines is a graduate of the Wedgworth Leadership Institute, a program created to develop and refine the leadership capabilities of young leaders who, in turn, will be prepared to become increasingly involved in policy formation at the State level.

Pines Law Group has always been working for the immigrant community.

Our Senior Partner, Elizabeth Pines, has been a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association since 1996 and is a past Board member for the AILA South Florida Chapter in Miami-Dade County. Ms. Pines has also been a board of the League of Women Voters of Florida and League of Women Voters of Miami-Dade County. She was a board member of Fair Districts and is currently co-chair of the Immigration Committee of LWV of Florida. Ms. Pines was appointed by Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam and served a 4-year term on the Florida Commission on the Status of Women.

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Green Card

Starting a new life in any foreign country can be intimidating, especially if you are not fully aware of the immigration procedures in the U.S. At Pines Law Group we help our clients navigate the often complicated and confusing immigration process to obtain the ‘green card’ if that is their goal...

Family Based Immigration

If you have a family member who is either a U.S. citizen or a lawful permanent resident, you can secure your own Greencard. If you are the parent, spouse, or child under the age of 21 of a U.S. citizen you also qualify under the designation of ‘immediate relatives’...

Work Visas

Pines Law Group helps individuals, families, entrepreneurs and business owners who want to come to the United States for work, investment purposes or travel, obtain the right visa for their specific case. Clients who enter the U.S. for work may have the intent to work in the U.S. temporarily or permanently...

Labor Certifications

The Greencard or U.S. residency can also be obtained through a Labor Certification process also known as PERM. The petitioning employer needs to prove to the Department of Labor (DOL), that there are not enough U.S. workers to do the specific job and ensure that the employment...


If you are evaluating becoming a U.S. citizen, Pines Law Group can assist you not only evaluating your case, but the consequences that U.S. citizenship brings. A lawful permanent resident is eligible to apply for citizenship after five years of being a lawful permanent resident, or three years if married...

Domestic Violence / Victims of Criminal Activity

If you are a battered spouse, child or parent of a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident, you may apply for an immigrant visa petition under the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). Pines Law Group can assist and insure you are taking the necessary steps to apply and protect yourself...

Consular Processing

If you live outside the United States and have been designated as the beneficiary of an approved petition with an available visa number, you can go for consular processing to obtain lawful permanent resident status in the U.S. Pines Law Group will meticulously prepare all your documentation and...


Waivers are essential and may be available to individuals with a criminal history, this includes individuals who entered the U.S. illegally or used any type of fraud or misrepresentation in trying to enter or obtain status here. In many cases, the waivers might allow these acts to be forgiven...

Student and Tourist Visas

F-1 Student Visas are for individuals seeking to pursue a full course of study at a secondary or post-secondary school in the United States.
B-1/B-2 Visitor or Tourist Visas are available for foreigners coming to the U.S. for business or pleasure.

Temporary Protective Status (TPS)

Is a program established by Congress since 1990 that allows migrants from designated countries that are considered unsafe, the right to live and work in the United States for a temporary period of time...

USCIS Interviews

For certain cases, USCIS (U.S. Citizenship Immigration Services) will require that you appear for an interview in person. This allows USCIS to verify important information about you to determine your eligibility for the case at hand...

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